How to Create a Content Rich Website

Websites are the modern way of advertising products and services. Whether your goal is to create and monetize your blog or start an online business, the key to your success lies within the body of your website… its content.

From informative articles and posts to beautiful picture galleries and videos, successful websites are content rich and contain high quality information to draw and attract potential visitors, as well as keep current visitors returning for more.

Well written content helps boost visibility and conversions. You want to create content that is useful, interesting and engaging – and in keeping with your niche or brand. It demonstrates your expertise and keeps your visitors engaged with your website longer, helping to strengthen the bond between you and your reader.

Search Engine Optimization

Use targeted keywords in your content and as anchor text for hyperlinks to help your website rank well in search engines. Internal linking, linking to authority sites and content length are also key SEO practices that are vital for reaping the full benefits of a content rich website.

Internally linking throughout your website using anchor texts will help build authority for the linked pages as well as assist your site visitors to more beneficial content they’ll find when clicking through to the linked page.

Creating quality, relevant content on a consistent basis for your website is a must! Keeping your website updated on a regular basis, you will give you the opportunity to keep up or even get ahead of your competitors. Don’t just create pages on your website and leave them sit. In addition to creating new content, you also want to occasionally refresh your old content whenever you have an update, new information, a new product or service, etc.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, take into account the content displayed on your website to rank it. Through your website’s content, they can determine your relevancy for the searchers. The higher your website appears on search engines, the bigger your potential audience!

Along with writing and publishing your content, don’t forget to also share it on your social media accounts. Also, be sure to have social media sharing buttons included in your content so that others can easily share them on their own accounts, as well. It’s basically a type of digital word-of-mouth where people are endorsing your content to their friends, family and colleagues.

Be Genuine

Keep this philosophy in mind when creating your website, don’t go into it with the sole purpose of driving sales; go into it with the view of building your brand through content. You want people to buy into your brand so keep it engaging and consumers will buy into you, who you are and your philosophy. Drive sales by being genuine.


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